Financial Freedom Fest-2023

Make Money

We are Launching an amazing Public Speaking Platform which is going to help people to become an effective speaker.

Make Money

We are going to learn how to become how to become Financially Free with the proven concept from Robert Kiyosaki

Make Money

We are going to share some basics of Stock Market and few other Passive Income.

Guest of Honor - Sunil Sethia

Found- Aamar Srivastava



Super Speaker Finalist

Satish Kumar

Habit Success Coach

Aamar Srivastava

Founder- Your Second Salary

Author KALVRKSH : Unleash the Power of Multiple Sources of Income

Shiva Semsetti

Wealth Success Coach


Communication Coach

TEDx Inspirations


Ravi T Sharma

Generational Wealth Coach

Author : Generational Wealth Blueprint & Cash Confident Youth


Ankkit Singh

CEO and Co-Founder at IPSIT Branding LLP

Author: The Clarity Compass

Unlock exclusive access( At Just ₹4999/-)

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