Freedom Fest 2023

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FFF 2023 Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Aim Talk Inaugration

Thank you for coming. That many of you travel long distances serves to remind us all just how important our work is.


150 People


28 July 2023


10 Champs

What About Event

Aim Talk is excited to present the Financial Freedom Fest, an event designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve financial independence. With expert speakers on personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights on budgeting, saving, investing, debt management, and more. Interactive workshops, seminars, and activities provide hands-on learning opportunities and networking with like-minded individuals. This one-of-a-kind event offers practical, actionable advice for achieving financial freedom and building lasting wealth. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, the Financial Freedom Fest is a must-attend event to take control of your financial future. Register now to take the first step towards financial independence!

Unlock Your Financial Potential: Join Us at the Financial Freedom Fest

Empower Yourself with Actionable Insights on Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship at the Financial Freedom Fest

Ignite Schedule

From entrepreneurs to developers, marketing managers, CEOs and
policymakers – all of our 5,000 attendees are looking to stay on top of the latest trends, meet their next client or partner.

Aim Talk Inaugration

The focus is always the audience and your goal is to make them look forward to whatever is coming next.

Goal Setting

The focus is always the audience and your goal is to make them look forward to whatever is coming next.

Group Activity

The focus is always the audience and your goal is to make them look forward to whatever is coming next.


7 unmissable sessions by inspiring speakers.





Aamar Srivastava

Passive Income Coach

Shiva Semsetti

Wealth Success Coach

Ravi T Sharma

Generational Wealth Coach

Ankkit SIngh

Co-Founder IPSIT Branding LLP


Communication Coach

Arjumand Anand

Super Speaker Finalist


Habit Success Coach

Aim Talk Inaugration & Breaking Money Mindset Barriers

Join us for the highly-anticipated Aim Talk Inauguration, where we will unveil our exciting new project aimed at driving positive change and making a meaningful impact.

Discover the power of breaking money mindset barriers and unlocking your true financial potential at our upcoming event, where we’ll share expert insights and actionable strategies for achieving lasting financial success.

Set Unshakable Goals to attain Financial Freedom

Ready to take control of your financial future? Join us for an empowering workshop on how to set unshakable goals that will propel you towards financial freedom.

Don’t let financial uncertainty hold you back any longer – learn how to set achievable and realistic goals that will help you reach the level of financial security you deserve at our upcoming event.

Get to Learn About Money Making through Games

Who says learning about money can’t be fun? Join us for a unique and engaging workshop where you’ll discover how to make money through games.

Ready to level up your financial knowledge? Come explore the exciting world of money-making games and gain valuable insights into how you can increase your wealth while having a blast!



AIM Talk is a virtual event that aims to bring together experts from various industries to share their insights and knowledge with the attendees.

The speakers for the Financial Freedom Fest 2023 include financial experts, entrepreneurs, and influencers who have achieved financial freedom themselves.

You can attend the event by registering on the AIM Talk website and purchasing a ticket.

Yes, there will be a Q&A session after each speaker’s presentation, where attendees can ask questions directly to the speakers.

Yes, there will be a virtual networking session where attendees can connect with other like-minded individuals and professionals.

The Financial Freedom Fest 2023 will take place on July 28,2023 to July 30,2023 as part of the AIM Talk event.

The speakers will cover a wide range of topics related to financial freedom, such as personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship, real estate, and more.

The cost of attending the event will depend on the ticket package you choose. Please check the AIM Talk website for more information.

Yes, the presentations and discussions will be recorded and made available for viewing on the AIM Talk website after the event.

Yes, there will be exhibitors and sponsors showcasing their products and services related to finance and entrepreneurship during the event.

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